3 Big Reasons To Do Your “Morning Pages”

I've been a little off the grid lately because I've been a busy girl. I'm currently . . . 

  • Writing a book - my tentative title is The Money Mystic, A Spiritual Women's Guide to Wealth. I'll keep you updated as I move forward.
  • Taping episodes for soon to be launched, "Light, Laughter and the Laundry" podcast
  • Expanding The Venus Sisterhood
  • Oh, and enjoying my little granddaughter, Madison, who is already 9 months old!
I've also been working my way through Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Waya fabulous book for tapping into your creativity no matter what you do. One of the daily activities you must do is your "morning pages." These are 3 sheets of longhand, stream of consciousness writing. I have found 3 great benefits of doing my morning pages:

  1. I get amazing breakthroughs and ideas (usually about 1 1/2 pages in)
  2. It is a form of meditation 
  3. It has helped me become more of a channel for inspiration when I'm writing my book
I would highly recommend it to anyone! CLICK HERE TO BUY ON AMAZON

Until my next writing break, take care and thanks for staying connected!